"Innovative approaches, high awareness of quality in implementation, strong customer focus and the greatest statistical methodological expertise make collaboration a pleasure."

Joachim Rittchen, Head of Market Analytics Roche Pharma AG
and INTERROGARE-Customer

Brand management

Explore perception, position brand specifically

A strong brand is the core of a company, its identity - and its capital. The success of a company stands and falls with the internal and external perception and impact of the brand. In addition to high brand awareness, a strong brand image is, above all, of the highest importance for this. In the ideal case, it provides consumers an added value to the actual product benefits and thus provides a unique position in the competitive environment. Unconscious processes play a huge role in this. Because only a fraction of what a brand represents is consciously learned. Precise positioning and correspondingly effective marketing measures are therefore essential for successful brand management.

Would you like to know how your brand is perceived? Not only consciously, but also emotionally and thus unconsciously? How your brand should be optimally positioned? And what different impact your marketing efforts have at the brand level for physician, pharmacist or patient?    

In order to provide you with answers to these and other essential brand management questions, we work with a wide range of classical and innovative methods. With our Emotional Branding Monitor, we thus offer you a validated, innovative state-of-the-art method for measuring implicit, unconscious perception of brands and products - totally new and unique in pharmaceutical research. We thus provide a whole new level of information quality for our health care customers worldwide.

Your challenges are our incentive - please directly contact our specialist Udo Jellesen!


  • Optimal positioning of your brand
  • Clear segmentation according to different needs structures
  • Determining implicit and explicit brand perception
  • Impact analysis of marketing activities on brand level for the physician/pharmacist/patient
  • Determining prescription behaviour on the basis of rational and emotional evaluation criteria
  • Holistic analysis of sets of measures to strengthen the brand
  • etc.


Interrogare Healthcare Research makes the difference, because we... 

  • do not use "off-the-shelf" models, but individually develop solutions with our customers so as to be able to realistically envisage different market situations.
  • take into account both rational and emotional criteria in brand management and measure them quantitatively through validated measurement methods.
  • provide the technical options, the methodological know-how and market understanding in the Rx market.
  • know and understand the needs and questions of our customers.
  • are a partner that our customers can rely on.

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