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Quality of the respondents
means quality of the results.

Udo Jellesen, Head of Healthcare Research

Target groups

Reach and utilize high-end target groups

The quality of the target group is decisive for the quality of the results of a study. We wanted to make sure we will always meet our high standards and that's why we decided to take charge and build up our own HCP panel. After successfully establishing an oncologists panel in 2019, we decided to continue this approach and extend our panel. With our expert Rhona Biswal (Director Panel Management) who can look back on more than 15 years of experience in the field of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork, now heading the panel, and our company’s longstanding expertise in pharma market research, we were able to implement this vision.  

We are now able to offer you a handpicked specialist panel recruited by our expert team. It features personal support, communication at eye level and proven quality, paired with very high response rates compared to other HCP panels. 

The following specialities will be available in our panel:

  • Hematologists/oncologists
  • Gynaecologists
  • Neurologists 
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Pulmonologists  
  • Urologists

Extra options:

  • The addition or extension of other speciality groups based on your target physicians is possible at any time.
  • Other target groups, for example pharmacists or nurses can be recruited and surveyed ad hoc.

What we offer


You need quick answers to your urgent questions with valid sample sizes? Also results in realtime to directly support your agile market research among your target physicians? With our HCP Speed Panel solution it’s no problem. Within a week, you receive the answers to your questions. With the real-time dashboard you are able to track your results in real-time whenever you want. 


Touchpoint Tracker

You want to track your communication activities in the competitive environment and over time and test them regularly? We provide you with prompt tracking, real-time results via dashboard, as well as flexible contents with our Touchpoint Tracker.  



You plan a product launch and you want to measure acceptance among target physicians to derive ways for optimisation? With our Launch Tracker you avoid mistakes during the most important phase of the product life cycle, you are aware of the demands and the acceptance of your target physicians - promptly and with real-time results in the Realtime Dashboard.  


Message Impact Monitoring

You want to know how your communication is perceived by the target physicians, which messages are well received and how the messages are perceived in the competitive environment and over time? We analyse the power, credibility and practical relevance of your communication and enable you to develop targeted measures and contents.  


Patient Share Monitoring

You want to analyse prescribing behaviour within your target group over time? With our Patient Share Monitoring tool we are able to capture promptly how prescribing behaviour develops, what the changes are and what the reasons for these changes are.   


Get in touch with us - we look forward to talking to you! 

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