Marketing Research

Understand customers, explain markets, successfully decide

Only those who possess extensive knowledge can make the best possible decisions.

According to marketing literature, this means: Understanding how markets work and analyzing how buyers and sellers operate there. For those who face this challenge in their everyday professional life, this specifically means: Being able to follow, understand and anticipate the consumer's behavior and needs. A task from which different issues arise. Our specialists in the Marketing Research Department offer solutions and methods suitable for selecting the best possible approaches for you.

Would you like to know

  • how your brand is perceived by consumers, what it represents and how to best differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • how your advertising works, whether you are reaching your target group and your communication benefits your brand?
  • whether your customers are satisfied, which factors play a role in this, and how you use this?
  • what product features do your customers want, what are they willing to pay and what effects do price changes have on sales and marketing?
  • how satisfied are the personnel or individual departments, what factors determine or influence satisfaction and how is management perceived?

Then you will be pleased to learn about all this on our special topic pages!

Our Highlights Marketing Research

Case Study — AUTO BILD Brand Choice

Germany's largest motorist survey

Auto Bild Logo

Every year, 8.1 million access codes for surveys, an average of 37,500 interview hours and more than 300,000 participants in four years - that is how the project "AUTO BILD Brand Choice" reads in numbers. Since 2011, Axel Springer SE has been conducting this survey among its own readers for the best brands in all car classes. Since the beginning, Axel Springer has been relying on Interrogare and its well-established project team to take care of all steps, from project organisation and supervision to evaluation and methodological advice.

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Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Marketing research: Understand customers, explain markets, successfully decide - We offer you smart solutions for the best answer to your questions.

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Healthcare Research

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Research Services

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