Successful brands are deeply rooted in the subconscious, and differentially positioned from the competition.

Sören Scholz, Geschäftsführer Produkte & Methoden

Brand research

Explore perception, position brand specifically

A strong brand is the core of a company, its identity - and its capital. The success of a company stands and falls with the internal and external perception and impact of the brand. In addition to high brand awareness, a strong brand image is, above all, of the highest importance for this. In the ideal case, it provides consumers an added value to the actual product benefits and thus provides a unique position in the competitive environment. The additional benefit is even greater when brands and products trigger positive experiences and feelings for the customer. For example, when similar products are available, emotions often replace lengthy information gathering and time-consuming decision-making processes. Unconscious processes play a huge role here. Because only a fraction of what a brand represents is consciously learned. Successful brands are aware of this fact, are deeply rooted in the subconscious, and differentially positioned from the competition.

Would you like to know how your brand is perceived? Not only consciously, but also emotionally and thus unconsciously? How it performs in comparison with competitors? And how to position it in the best possible way in order to reach the target group and to maximally differentiate it? We work with a wide range of classic and innovative methods in order to provide you with answers to these and other essential questions regarding brand research. We offer you innovative state-of-the-art methods for measuring brand image with our validated, implicit methods such as the Consumer MindMap and the Emotional Branding Monitor, among others.

Your challenges are our incentive - please directly contact our specialist Sören Scholz!

The challenges you face

  • Implicit (emotional) and explicit perception and effect of your brand
  • Identifying the brand image
  • The best possible differentiation from the competition
  • The relevance of your KPIs up to now
  • Evaluation of constructed core values of your brand
  • Return on investment (brand control)
  • etc. 

The benefits to you

Interrogare makes the difference, because we…

  • operate as the interface between communication and market research, understand both sides and thus create the best possible solutions.
  • allow solutions to emerge as part of an integrated model that takes account not just of the brand, but also the context.
  • measure the implicit elements just as validly as the explicit ones.
  • attach great importance to flexibility and speed, so for example previous benchmarks can be integrated into new solutions or adjusted; and we can deliver results after just a short time.
  • optimally meet our clients’ needs for concrete recommendations for action in terms of their brand management.