Customers are confronted daily with thousands of advertising messages, advertising media needs to be adapted in the best possible way in order to be persuasive.

Julia Vollmer, Director Marketing Research

Communication and advertising research

Capture effect, take optimal actions

It is a truism that advertising works - how it works, however, is critical to your success. Your customers are confronted daily with thousands of advertising messages. Therefore, advertising media needs to be adapted in the best possible way in order to be persuasive. It is all the more important here to gain knowledge of and insights into perception and effect of the (planned) measures: How and how strongly does your advertising medium work? Do you thus successfully differentiate yourself from the competition? Do you even reach your target group? And does your communication benefit your brand?

In order to provide you answers to these essential questions about the effect of advertising, we offer a wide range of scientifically proven, successful survey and measurement methods. Together with you, we test what functional and emotional USPs you can score as part of your communication activities for your target group and what impact you are achieving with your advertising efforts. In the development phase, we provide you concrete recommendations to maximize your advertising success, based on advertising media and other pre-tests. In addition, we examine the extent to which the communications fit your brand or your product (Brand Fit or Product Fit), how your actions affect overall brand or product awareness and also the purchasing behavior.

Your challenges are our incentive - please directly contact our specialist Christine Gerbracht!

Real time analytics

Thanks to deploying the Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence (BI) platform, Interrogare is able to provide not only standard static monthly reports, but also tailored reports in real-time. Read more...

The challenges you face

  • Assessing the type and strength of the effect of your advertising media
  • Selecting the optimal design for your advertising media
  • Finding opportunities for differentiating yourself from the competition by means of communication and advertising
  • Discovering how your advertising concepts are evaluated and perceived
  • Measuring the effect of communication and advertising media on your brand and products
  • Discovering how well target groups can be reached by means of different communication
  • Increasing the levels of classic advertising KPIs such as awareness, brand liking, purchase intentions
  • Tracking your campaigns, including on the mobile Internet and via apps
  • etc.

The benefits to you

Interrogare makes the difference, because we…

  • operate as the interface between communication and market research, understand both sides and thus create the best possible solutions.
  • allow solutions to emerge as part of an integrated model that takes account not just of the brand, but also the context.
  • measure the implicit elements just as validly as the explicit ones.
  • attach great importance to flexibility and speed, so for example previous benchmarks can be integrated into new solutions or adjusted; and we can deliver results after just a short time.
  • optimally meet our clients’ needs for concrete recommendations for action in terms of their brand management.