Several influencing factors must be mapped in order to understand customers.

Jens Krause, Head of Marketing Research

Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty

Decrypt customer behavior, effectively derive strategies

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are classic themes of market research - classically used methods, however, are not the key to gaining true knowledge. The challenge begins with the understanding of these complex psychological constructs. Questions regarding this can be correspondingly complex: How satisfied are your customers? What factors determine or influence their satisfaction? And how do they affect each other? What phases does a customer journey have and what effects do brand touchpoints have? What are the key drivers and influencing variables of a purchasing decision? How can you improve the perception of the customer relationship for your customers? And how do you achieve real loyalty?

In order to provide you with answers to these essential questions about customer satisfaction and loyalty, we work with a holistic model. We believe that several influencing factors, their interactions, relevance, probability of occurrence and modes of action must be mapped in order to understand your customers, their behavior and needs - and not all aspects can be surveyed via a direct questionnaire. Linked to a comprehensive understanding of the purchasing process, including underlying psychological phenomenon and our capabilities to capture all relevant aspects, we derive the actions suited to your situation from the results. 

Your challenges are our incentive - please directly contact our specialist Jens Krause!

The challenges you face

  • Identifying the status quo in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Determining relevant components for satisfaction and loyalty
  • Identifying unnecessary investments and quick wins in good time
  • Improving the perception of the customer relationship
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Spotting threats to customer relationships from your competitors
  • etc.

The benefits to you

Interrogare makes the difference, because we…

  • deliver relevant findings and concrete recommendations on action, since we understand what the construct of customer satisfaction actually comprises.
  • gather insights indirectly via driver analyses in situations where direct questioning alone cannot reveal the relevant facts.
  • know that not all aspects have the same influence on satisfaction/loyalty, and we therefore identify factors including their relevance.
  • work with our own complete behavioural model which not only portrays measurement data, but also highlights the actual starting points and levers.