The course for your success is especially set in these areas.

Ingo Lammer, Director Survey Systems

Recruitment and data collection

Reach target groups, efficiently collect data

Recruitment and data collection are basic components of market research projects - the course for your success is especially set in these areas. This all first turns on the area of recruitment, which poses questions like: By which medium do you reach the target group - on-site, via email, mail, mobile or even in apps? Does the chosen recruitment media distort the later results? How is adherence with the sample characteristics ensured? What are the options regarding the design of the invitation? Can a survey invitation be optimally displayed on every end device? What data protection measures are required? We will answer your questions, developing the recruiting process according to your individual needs and thus precisely addressing the subjects relevant to your study.  

The subsequent data collection phase is determined by other important factors. The best interview technique must be selected, data stored securely with technical perfection, and the entire field process monitored and supported. Aspects in which our experienced market researchers advise you and thus develop the survey design appropriate for your project. 

You benefit from our 15 years of experience in all requirements regarding the adequate recruitment of volunteers and the best collection of relevant information for your project. Take advantage of our expertise in different recruitment paths, and for the mobile web and apps, our high-performance technologies and in-house survey platform IRQuest®. We advise you in all steps, providing you the optimal implementation for your survey objectives and transparency in all phases of your project.        

Your challenges are our incentive - please directly contact our specialist Ingo Lammer!


Onsite | E-mailshots | Mass mailings | InApp | QR codes | Postwurf |
Questionnaire programming | Web analysis |
Field control | Field management


  • From postal mail via e-mail to on-site or QR code recruitment
  • Recruitment in mobile web and in apps through our own recruitment technology (including Smart Layer; 171 million layer deliveries in 2014)
  • Established interfaces to panel operators and efficient field management
  • High performance technologies
  • 15 years of successful development and management of digital survey systems
  • In-house, highly flexible and scalable, IRQuest® survey platform
  • Survey data supplemented by our tracking technology BuscuitTin
  • Unconditional commitment to data protection and civil law


  • Design according to specifications: Email invitations are issued in your desired design and are optimally displayed according to device.
  • Mandatory data protection: An opt out option is offered for individuals who do not wish to be contacted.
  • Your recognition: We send recruitment invitations in your name from your desired sender address.
  • Efficient and effective: On-site recruitments are attractively designed and functionally equipped according to requirements.
  • Digital from analogue: Using QR codes, we transfer your target group from the analogue to the world of digital surveys.
  • Smart implementation: Survey goals are accurately converted into the correct survey technique.
  • Transparency: IRQuest® online reporting renders the survey progress visible at all times.
  • Close monitoring: Development of the field profile is continuously monitored.
  • Easy handling of large amounts of data: Our own technology guarantees fast processing without affecting heavily trafficked pages.
  • Subsequent data processing: Flexible interfaces for data processing are optionally established on your site.