Methods which can measure and detect the "gut decisions" that customers make must be applied.

Sören Scholz, CEO Products & Methods

Product and pricing research

Reveal requirements, effectively guarantee success

Customers have clear preferences, desires and ideas of products and prices - but they are not always aware of them. Products are becoming increasingly similar, with minimal functional differences. Price differences become less comprehensible. Consequence: Consumers decide more according to their feeling, according to personal perception. Methods which can measure and detect the "gut decisions" that your customers make must therefore be applied in the context of product and pricing research. Only thus are you able to identify the requirements for products and the framework of their willingness to pay, and design your actions accordingly.

Questions like this must be answered: What new products do your customers want? What new product properties are desired and increase your (potential) customer's willingness to pay? Which existing properties are used, regarded as especially important? What product features best differentiate from the competition? How should your portfolio be optimally configured? Can cannibalization effects be avoided within your offerings? What effects do price changes have on sales and marketing?

In order to provide you with the decisive answers to your questions, we offer a wide range of classical and innovative methods for detecting the preferences and willingness to pay of your existing and - hopefully - future customers.

Your challenges are our incentive - please directly contact our specialist Sören Scholz!

The challenges you face

  • Creating new products in line with your customers‘ wishes
  • Ensuring willingness to pay for products and features
  • Calculating the added value of product characteristics as perceived by customer
  • Avoiding cannibalisation effects within your product range
  • Identifying the need for price differentiation
  • Selecting the design of your product range
  • Identifying the effects of price changes on sales revenue and sales volume
  • Structuring the price range within the product range
  • Optimising your products in line with your customers’ wishes
  • Estimating your market share
  • etc.

The benefits to you

Interrogare makes the difference, because we…

  • have our own solutions for analysing both simple and complex products, which exactly represent the construction and articulation of preferences, and integrate the psychological processes into selection decisions in the long term.
  • have an understanding of the context in which the price operates, and know that every purchase decision has its own fingerprint.
  • don’t use off-the-peg models, but ones that can realistically portray a wide variety of market situations.
  • not only supply information about preference structures, but also provide deep process insights (How does the customer approach the POS? How does preference come about? What effects do preferences have? etc.).