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Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Marketing research: Understand customers, explain markets, successfully decide - We offer you smart solutions for the best answer to your questions.

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Healthcare Research

Healthcare Research

Healthcare research: Special industry, special requirements, special expertise - With over 20 years of industry experience, we understand what it takes and are your reliable partner all-around healthcare research.

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Research Services

Research Services

Research services: Reliable implementation, powerful technologies, customized solutions - We realize your projects with the expertise of 15 years of experience in providing service, professionally and technically optimized, or we develop your specific research solution.

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Conjoint Analysis - Do it right!

The measurement of preferences and willingness to pay are important topics for product and price optimization. Conjoint models in particular have established themselves as state-of-the-art approaches for deriving suitable forecasts and recommendations for product and pricing in the competitive environment. In this article, we show you the added value and the pitfalls that arise from the use of conjoint methods - and the possibilities offered by further developments of the classic CBC.

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