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Realtime Touchpoint Tracker

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you, as a pharmaceutical company, could not only tailor your communication with doctors precisely to their needs, but also at the same time react almost real time to changes in the market or important feedback? This would mean that doctors document every contact with the pharmaceutical industry and that these results are available almost in real time. And this is how the so-called Touchpoint Tracker works.

After the evaluation of communication measures had become an ever greater challenge – keyword: time delay between communication measure and result delivery, ever lower response rates, etc. – we developed a system that enables doctors to actively document all contacts themselves in a simple, intuitive and entertaining way. This is possible thanks to our doctor panel, as target doctors can be directly motivated to participate in the Touchpoint Tracker.

During the documentation (3-4min), the essential points are then recorded: Type of contact, product/indication, remembered main statement/perceived main topic, contact rating per NPS scale as well as a justification for the rating. Access to the study is possible flexibly via QR code, short link or telephone. Likewise, the documentation can be done via all conceivable end devices: Mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer or telephone. In addition, the doctors are reminded of their cooperation on a weekly basis. The reporting is designed to provide feedback as quickly as possible, so that the data entered can also be integrated into the customer’s information system on a daily basis or evaluated flexibly via a real-time online dashboard and extensive filter systems. In this way, 11,000 contacts in the oncology market were recorded and analysed in 2021. With the Touchpoint Tracker, nothing stands in the way of the marketing team’s agile reaction to changes in the competitive environment or the market.

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