Research & Results 2017

Join us at the leading market research trade show

The Research & Results trade show is ready to open its gates for the 11th time – and, as always, Interrogare will be there.  A trade show is a great opportunity to see familiar faces, establish new contacts, as well as to obtain valuable information and exchange ideas. We look forward to seeing you there.

When: 26 & 27 October 2016

Where: MOC Munich

Stand: 154

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Our Workshops

Wednesday | 26.10. | 12:30-13:15 | Room 3

Investigating the "why“ of band love:
Measuring brand-emotions and -motives 


Held in German


Presented by:

  • Sören Scholz, Managing Director, Interrogare GmbH                      
  • Anja Regnat, Head of Market Research, PAYBACK GmbH

Wednesday | 26.10. | 14:45-15:30 | Room1

Once upon a time…
The power of brand storytelling – and how to develop it from market research insights

People love stories so brands should be telling theirs. With this move towards storytelling, companies are facing the challenge of how to handle their brand in a way that is consistent with the image they want to convey. The foundation for a congruent public image is the selection of an appropriate archetype – the key character in the story. We demonstrate how brands can be classified using twelve basal brand archetypes and how you as a market researcher can provide tailored support to brand managers in this area..

Presented by:   

  • Stefanie Sonnenschein, Marketing & Communication, Interrogare GmbH                
  • Sören Scholz, Managing Director, Interrogare GmbH

Thursday | 27.10. | 15:45-16:30 | Room 6

Conjoint Analysis? Do it right!
Do’s and Don’ts  in product research and pricing


Held in German


Presented by:

  • Sören Scholz, Managing Director, Interrogare GmbH

Our trade show team

We will be on hand at the show, so find out in advance who you would like to speak to. We would be delighted to set up an appointment – do get in touch with us. We look forward to seeing you there.

Management and Sales

Sören Scholz | CEO Products & Methods

Interrogare’s director Sören Scholz is responsible for method development and implementation. He works both in qualitative and quantitative research market research. His main research areas are brand management, product development, and pricing.
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Peter Wiegelmann | CEO Finance, Legal and Human Resources

In 1999 Peter Wiegelmann founded Interrogare GmbH together with Martin Kühn. Today, as director, he is responsible for the finance, law and human resources divisions.
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André Ketzel | CSO

Since December 2013 André Ketzel has been responsible for marketing and customer development at Interrogare and works on strategy and portfolio development. He has over 17 years’ experience in market research, in particular in project, partner and key account management as well as in client acquisition.
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Area of expertise: Marketing Research

Jens Krause | Head of Marketing Research

Jens Krause has led the Marketing Research division since 2014. He has over 20 years’ experience in market research and consultancy. For 14 years he worked in customer satisfaction research at TNS Emnid/Infratest, most recently as authorised signatory and deputy managing director.
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Julia Vollmer | Director Marketing Research

Julia Vollmer has more than 10 years’ experience in market research. She has been with Interrogare since 2010 and before that she worked with Produkt + Markt. Her main areas of competence are brand and communication research.
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Area of expertise: Healthcare Research

Udo Jellesen | Head of Healthcare Research

Udo Jellesen has been responsible for the healthcare research division since 2014. He gained his acknowledged expertise in the field in over 20 years at EMNID/TNS Healthcare/Kantar Health. As key account manager and authorised signatory he was responsible for business development and for building up the multi-client business.
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Claudia Uffmann | Senior Consultant Healthcare Research

Claudia Uffmann built up her 15 years of experience in Kantar Health GmbH. Her last role was as associate director. Her particular focus is oncology, but she also has extensive knowledge of other RX indications and the field of OTC and OTX markets.
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Area of expertise: Research Services

Ingo Lammer | Director Survey Systems

Ingo Lammer is expert and team leader for the survey systems division. He has over 20 years’ experience in market research, including 15 years in the programming, implementation and execution of online surveys. In addition, he trains employees in market and social research.
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Insa Neuert | Senior Consultant Research Engineering

Insa Neuert has worked at Interrogare for almost 10 years and has acknowledged experience in market research and consultancy. Her special areas of expertise lie in project and requirements management, in software development, and in managing complex studies and interdisciplinary, inter-team collaborations.
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Purchasing and Marketing

Claudia Kuhlmann | Purchase Department

For over 10 years Claudia Kuhlmann has been responsible for everything to do with the purchasing of market research services. She is both the internal and external contact person for this area. The special focus of her work is the coordination and control of field research services. 
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Christine Gerbracht | Senior Consultant Marketing Research

Christine Gerbracht has more than 13 years’ experience in market research and consultancy in a wide range of sectors. Before she joined Interrogare she worked at TNS Infratest in finance market research and was responsible for stakeholder satisfaction as well as brand and communication research.
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Stefanie Sonnenschein | Marketing & Communication

Stefanie Sonnenschein is responsible for marketing and communication at Interrogare Research Institute.  Since her university studies, she has worked in brand management and research and at SWP management consultants.
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